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About US

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A Wedge for Any Occasion

Customers want power, that’s just a fact. Give your customers the power they want with Synergy Wedge. Each wedge is designed to charge up to 4 devices at once on a single overnight charge!

Wedges are perfect for VIP areas, weddings, bars & nightclubs, outdoor parties, as well as food truck events just to name a few!

I rented the Synergy Wedge for my event.
How do I get my advertisements printed?

We have that part covered as well! Once you create your Synergy Wedge account you will have access to our web-based customization “Template Station”.  This allows you to create any type of advertisement you need to fit your event. Templates let you place your occasion’s information in various advertisements completly customized with your name and logo!

Not sure you want to create your own template? No problem! Our creative team is ready to assist you make your vision a reality!

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